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Covid-19 oh Covid-19 how you have created struggles, but also opportunities. I never thought in a million years we would be living this life, that we would ALL be living in future World History. It is certainly trying and oh so wonderful at the same time.  This time has allowed me the opportunity to capture images I wouldn't have otherwise had time to capture and to practice different depths and editing techniques. My goal through this time is to continue practicing and growing as a business and I absolutely cannot wait to see all of your beautiful smiling faces in the very hopeful near future. This is a tough time for all involved and I would be lying if I said this was easy from a business stand point. From rescheduling to lost revenue etc. it's been difficult, but also all inspiring at the same time. 

This extra time has also led our family to new home projects one of which included transforming my former studio space into a play room space for our 2 boys. I am thoroughly enjoying this extra time with our kiddos and I am making it a goal to break out the camera multiple times a week to capture these moments, because all too often it's difficult to find time to just reflect and enjoy life and the little adventures that come along with it. 

So with the above mentioned, when I am allowed to open my business back up and this is all behind us, I will be moving more toward lifestyle sessions for newborn and family portraits. These can include outdoor or in home sessions and I will continue to offer newborn sessions in the comfort of your own home.  I will continue to provide swaddles, outfits, props etc. and will just be bringing it to you instead :) I see this as a benefit. This allows my boys to have a much needed play space, because let's be honest; I was drowning in toys and now well, I can just shut the door and pretend it doesn't exist lol  I can now bring the portrait studio to your home where we can utilize that sweet nursery you worked so hard on, natural lighting and flash as needed. It will be more comfortable for baby and especially those sleepless nights where being home is just downright more comfy. 

IF you are looking for more of a studio style session I would be more than happy to provide some amazing referrals. 

IF you would like to continue supporting Rebecca A Snyder Photography gift cards are currently on sale at a discounted rate of 19% through April 30th (no code necessary) Gift cards can be found for purchase under the gift card section of my website.   I am now also offering prints for sale which can be found under For Sale. As always I am continuing to book later date sessions and Weddings! 


A special shout out to all of my lovely brides whom have had to reschedule their weddings, I am right there with you through this all. 


I hope to see everyone sooner than later <3  DSC02559DSC02559

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