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December 19, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Happy Monday Photog Fam! I hope everyone has a wonderful day and week leading up to Christmas! I honestly can't believe it's this week. Time is flying by this month! I don't know about you guys, but I am not ready LOL, still so much to be done and so little time to make it happen ahhh and it's my Birthday week! I can't wait to hop into the new year, and I hope ya'll take advantage of the 50% deal and I get to see your smiling faces to ring in the new year!

I know when it comes to photographers, you have a ton of options. So, Let's dig into why you should choose me as your photographer. By the way this is super hard to write because, I am not good at writing about myself, but I digress. 

Personality: I love to have fun with my sessions, and I always want to make sure my clients do to. Anyone can pick up a camera, anyone can take a picture, but when it comes to being a professional photographer personality and kindness goes a long way. My goal no matter the type of session is to make sure you and your family feel 100% comfortable working with me. I know stepping in front of a camera can be well intimidating as I myself have no idea what to do or how to pose LOL, but I know how to pose and capture my clients. Guidance is key! However, my main goal is to capture your candid moments. Those are the real moments and I tend to shoot with my camera on silent, so you my friend have no clue those moments are even happening until your photo reveal. Posed are nice, but candid images are dreamy. 

Legalities: I am a 100% law abiding small business. I pay my taxes YUCK, no one wants to, but I'm allergic to jail, so I'm just going to go ahead and pay them. I think it is very important when choosing a business to choose one that is taking the steps to be a legal business. Sure, you may pay a cheaper rate for an under the table business, but does that typically come with quality? Also, did you know in most FL counties a permit is required for photoshoots? Although a pain in my behind it is a necessary evil to ensure photographers are held accountable for themselves and their clients to keep our parks beautiful. In order for a photographer to obtain a permit they must also hold liability insurance, which lucky for you, I do. ;) There are many who do not hold insurance and are not obtaining their permits for their sessions. If you don't choose me, please do your homework and ask your photographer if they are insured and require a permit for their shooting location. IF one is not obtained where, one is required your session may be completely shut down and after doing the hair, makeup and getting the kids ready, that would be extremely frustrating. 

Quality: Let's be honest, it seems like everyone is a photographer these days. Which to be fair is quite frankly true. Cameras and phones have come a long way. When it comes to quality though equipment matters. I spend way more than I care to admit on my camera equipment to ensure my clients receive the best quality images. Sure, a camera isn't going to make anyone a good photographer, but it is a good tool to help and create those beautiful images. In my bag I have 2 Sony Full Frame cameras and various Sony lenses, to name a few. When you receive your images, I will always provide the edited high-resolution images for your printing pleasure. Did you know the average full frame camera costs more than $2000? Lenses typically cost greater than $1500 for a good piece of glass. (Did you read that differently? IF so then we are going to be great friends ha)

Experience: I started this business back in 2016 so have made many mistakes, have gained many accomplishments and most importantly continue to learn. With time comes experience and understanding. I shoot in manual, everything I do was created by me, not my camera. I have finessed my editing skills and style and I have zero doubt these skills will only continue to grow. When composing and editing I take my time to make sure that I am getting the image I want for my client. The beauty of digital photography is the ability to see and delete if it isn't quite up to par. If the image isn't focused correctly or the color just isn't right, I do not put out that work. This is 100% why I do not provide my unedited images to clients. Part of my job and what you are paying for, is the time I place into editing your images. It takes a great deal of time in post processing to get exactly the look I'm going for. 

Flexibility: LIFE HAPPENS! If you get sick or your kid gets sick, I am very flexible. I will always work around rescheduling a session as necessary. Now keep in mind there is a $50 deposit that is non-refundable, to hold your time and date for regular sessions, but don't let that scare you away from booking as this is a one-time fee per session and can be moved around if necessary due to illness, life, etc. I try my best to work around your schedule. 

Payment Options: I know that money can be a PITA, so this is why I offer options of payments. I do not want you to miss out on updated family heirloom because money is a problem. I offer payment plans, Afterpay, accept all major credit cards, cash and checks. Again, flexibility. 

Turnaround: I try my best to have family sessions turned around within a week of photographing. I also have kids and life does happen, but I will always keep you updated as my client to let you know where I am with your images. Weddings take up to 3 months, as there are thousands of images I have to go through, and I am typically editing multiple sessions or weddings simultaneously. 

Reshoots: If for some rare reason your shoot is just a complete failure, I will offer reshoots at my discretion. This is never ideal for anyone, but I want you as my client to be happy with your images. 

Okay, I think that about sums it up and why you should choose me as your photographer. I hope everyone has an amazing week and I look forward to working with you in 2023!  DSC_1029DSC_1029



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