Halloween Bash

October 14, 2018  •  1 Comment

Halloween is probably my favorite holiday. Fall is in full swing and there is just something so fun about a holiday where you get to dress up and be weird. I am pretty sure I have more Halloween decorations than I do Christmas decorations. I mean is that even a problem? So naturally I decided to have a Halloween bash and invite clients over to enjoy in Halloween activities and get their little ones dressed up for pictures. This may be 1 of 3 Halloween parties at the Snyder household tee hee. I just absolutely adore everything about it and I can't wait to take my kiddos trick-or-treating this year! 

It was so fun having everyone over today to enjoy food and fun. The kids had a blast playing and it was just an all around good time. There is still time to get Halloween pictures done, but hurry time is running out! Enjoy the pictures :)  IMGP7742-2IMGP7742-2 IMGP7797-2IMGP7797-2 IMGP7878-2IMGP7878-2 IMGP7901-2IMGP7901-2 IMGP7927-2IMGP7927-2


Love all of these ♥️ esp the Pillsbury Doughboy face
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